Gavilon LLC Completes Acquisition of Charlie Myers Grain Co.

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The company expands its market area with the purchase of nine grain facilities

Omaha, NE (Jan. 5, 2009) – Gavilon, LLC announced today that it has finalized the acquisition of nine grain facilities in Texas from Charlie Myers Grain Co. This marks the first purchase for the company since its inception in June 2008, when a group of investors bought the former ConAgra Trade Group. The purchase of Charlie Myers Grain Co., located in Seymour, Texas, did not include fertilizer, trucking or feed lots.

The acquisition complements Gavilon’s current footprint in the grain industry by expanding its presence in Texas—a growing market area for the company. The elevators are located in Seymour, Wichita Falls, Weinert, Haskell, Knox City, Red City, Crowell, Benjamin and Truscott, Texas.

"This broader base of grain facilities will increase the strength of Gavilon’s grain handling and distribution operations and contribute to its ability to compete effectively in the market," said Greg Konsor, vice president, and general manager of grain operations for Gavilon.

Gavilon intends to retain all of the current Charlie Myers Grain Co. grain employees pending the completion of the application and hiring process. Konsor said the intention is to create a relatively seamless transition, allowing business activity to continue uninterrupted for the local customer base.

"Gavilon’s goal is to meet and exceed the exceptional standards that Charlie Myers Grain Co. customers have come to expect," he said.

For more information about Gavilon and this acquisition, please contact Deb Ahl at (800) 551-9737.

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