Gavilon Increases Wholesale Propane Capabilities

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Omaha, Neb. (July 9, 2012)Gavilon, LLC today announced it has expanded its Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) business and will market propane along all of the major U.S. propane pipelines, including TEPPCO and Dixie, with additional supply from refineries, terminals and fractionators. Joining Gavilon to provide the company expertise in the top propane markets in the U.S. are: John Bienkowski, Bill Connallon, Nick Di Risio, Pat Frey, John Lorgan, Jim Neumann and Matt Ward.


“We are looking forward to expanding our NGL business with the addition of a seasoned marketing and operations team,” said Jay Furman, head of Natural Gas Liquids Marketing at Gavilon. “These individuals are renowned for their customer service, reliability and logistics expertise, as well as their relationships with a large array of customers, suppliers and transportation providers.” 


“Our marketing team now has the ability to provide services to satisfy customer demand for propane and other natural gas liquids east of the Rocky Mountains,” Furman added.


For business inquiries, please contact Mr. Furman at (713) 496-3917.


About Gavilon, LLC

Gavilon, LLC is a subsidiary of The Gavilon Group, LLC. The Gavilon Group, LLC is a leading commodity management firm, connecting producers and consumers of feed, food and fuel through its global supply chain network. Gavilon leverages its strategic partnerships and more than 300 facilities and regional offices worldwide to link agricultural and energy supply with demand. The company provides origination, storage and handling, transportation and logistics, marketing and distribution, and risk management services to tens of thousands of customers each year.


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