Gavilon Announces Greenfield Project in Cushing, Oklahoma

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Crude Oil Storage Tanks Expected to be Complete during Third Quarter 2011


Omaha, Neb. (June 4, 2010) – Gavilon Pipeline and Storage, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Gavilon Group, LLC, today announced plans to construct aboveground storage tanks with more than four million barrels of crude oil storage capacity in Cushing, Oklahoma. Matrix Service, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Matrix Service Co. (NASDAQ: MTRX), was named industrial services contractor of the project. Deeprock Tanks, LLC will be the construction manager of the facility, which is expected to be complete during the third quarter of 2011.


“We are excited to be expanding our energy footprint by investing in assets at Cushing,” said Tom Ramsey, chief operating officer of Energy at Gavilon. “The incremental storage capacity will enable Gavilon to further strengthen its relationships with producers and refiners as well as support increased industry demand for storage at the North American hub.”


Earlier this year, Gavilon purchased 91 acres of land in Cushing to support its anticipated growth in the energy sector. Cushing is the physical delivery point for NYMEX crude oil contracts and a major hub for Gulf Coast imports and Canadian oil supply.


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