Soy Meal

Uses: Beef Cattle Feed, Dairy Cattle Feed, Swine Feed, Poultry Feed, Aquaculture Feed

Whether you need to buy or sell soy meal, Gavilon’s team is dedicated to helping you manage your margins, risk, and transportation. We are the partner you can rely on to be focused on your needs first.

People rely on Gavilon to source soy meal as feed for beef and dairy cattle, poultry, swine, and aquaculture all over the world.  

Through marketing agreements or one-off arrangements, Gavilon’s team can help with market insight and price discovery, transportation and even risk management through different contract options for your soy meal.

When looking for a way to manage your risk when buying or selling soy meal, Gavilon provides contract options that can create a customized plan targeted around your goals and needs.

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