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Almond Hulls and Almond Shells

Gavilon's almond product merchandisers are experts in buying and selling almond hulls and almond shells. Our business is built around creating relationships with almond producers and manufacturers, as well as dairymen, in order to provide key services that allow their operations to remain profitable.

Our size and expertise allow us to source the best quality almond products as feed for dairy cattle. Managing the whole process from finding the almond hulls to delivery when you need it, Gavilon's team prides itself on the value we create for dairymen across the industry. 

We also work with manufacturers to create the most value for their operations. Our network allows us to find the best market for your almond products, whether through a one-time agreement or a long-term marketing agreement.

The relationships we have with producers and consumers of almond products—almond hulls and almond shells—allow us to provide valuable insight and create value for your operations.


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