Dairy Products

Gavilon’s Dairy Products Group is a leader in delivering quality dairy products and risk management solutions. Our experienced team offers a distinctive approach for the dairy ingredient marketplace. From HACCP reviews, to embedded call options, you won’t get a cookie cutter approach from us—we will work hard to meet your unique needs. 
Quality Dairy Products
Gavilon partners with suppliers who are focused on food safety. Our products are sourced from SQF Certified or similar suppliers. We market these products to customers large and small across North America and around the world.
Our capability across major dairy ingredients includes:
  • Bulk Butter and AMF
  • Nonfat Dried Milk and SMP
  • Dry Sweet Whey
  • Fluid Cream and Milk
  • Cheese
Risk Management
Our team is dedicated to mitigating your price risk in the unpredictable commodity market. Gavilon has provided dairy hedging solutions since our inception in 2005, and our expertise allows us to help protect your business from price volatility.
Our risk management solutions include:
  • Fixed Price Forward Contracts
  • OTC Swap Contracts
  • Max/Min Price contracts
Call us today at 402.889.4457 to learn how Gavilon can simplify your risk management and purchasing challenges with a tailored solution to help you maximize your margins. 
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